..BeChronized Active Transponder Timing System.. 
The BeChronized active transponder timing system is the latest innovation of sports timing technology brought to the UK by IdentiSports.  
With several different transpodners to meet the demands of different sports, the BeChronized system can accomodate the needs of any sport. 
The active transponder system means that each transponder has its own internal battery therefore is more powerfull and reliable when sending its signal to the decoder.  
This is the main difference when compared to many of the passive transponder (or chip timing) systems in use for road running/triathlon today. 
..How Does It Work?.. 
A loop (at the timing point) is created using 3mm electical wire to produce a magnetic field. When a tranponder (attached to the participant or vehicle) passes over this magnetic field, it is 'woken up' and sends a wireless signal to the decoder via the antenna conected to the back of it. Everytime a transponder passes the loop, you will hear a 'beep' from the decoder. 
This signal is then decoded by the decoder to identify which participant crossed the timing point and at which exact time.  
This information is then used by a timing software which will create the results to be printed or displayed on LED screens. Different software is used for different race applications, a lap race will use a different software than that of a point to point race. 
Reliable and accurate timing system at affordable prices 
Different tranponders to meet the needs of different sports 
Small system size, easy to transport 
Wide start/finish lines possible (30m+), perfect for mass starts in active sport events 
Fully enclosed waterproof transponders, just as good in water as on land! 
No large matts on the finish line/timing point that can cause a potential trip hazard 
Long lasting internal transponder battery (4-5 years) that does not need to be recharged. 
Multiple loops can be connected to one decoder, you may only need one decoder for up to 15 different timing points/loops! 
Multiple decoders can be connected to one loop, therefore giving training opportunities to new timing staff using the back up decoder without disturbing the offical 'main' decoder. 
Digital wireless signal transfer from the transponder to the decoder means the BeChronized system does not have disturbances of sunrise/sunset. 24 hours races are easily possible! 
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